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Top 21 Builders

Top 21 Builders is a duly registered corporation that engages in the business as a general builder and contractor for roads, bridges, other public infrastructure, low and high-rise buildings, and subdivisions. 

The company acts as management and technical consultant for the development of agricultural, industrial, commercial, and other productive enterprises, ventures or projects in the Philippines. 

Top 21 Builders also engages in the acquisition, sale, lease, mortgage, exchange, administration, management, and improvement of real estate properties. 

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Real Estate & Development Project Consulting

BANGKOK, THAILAND - AUGUST 12 2016: Beautiful luxury living room interior decoration in Hotel

Construction and Interior

Management and Technical Consultancy for Agricultural, Industrial, and Commercial Developments


Pre-fabricated Houses
LED Street Lights
Solar Street Lights

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Ayala-Quezon Bridge LED
Marawi Smart City Development Project

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